India’s First Kataifi Dough Manufacturer

Bakers of Excellence

Kunafa Bake is a food manufacturer of Arabic sweets and pastries in Kerala. The savoury journey with Kunafa Bake started at Calicut, Kerala in 2015. Since then, it showed rapid growth and established itself as one of the leading dessert manufacturers in the nation. It was the very first company to manufacture kataifi dough in India. We are into baking kunafa dough using an automatic digitally controlled kunafa machine. The kataifi dough we provide is a crowd puller with its delectable flavour and mouthwatering texture. The kataifi pastry made with this appetising product is something to be drooled over. Our customer circle showed a rapid increase over the past six years, and we have customers from almost every city in the nation. The relentless demand for our products has prompted us to expand the business overseas, in the UAE; we hope to achieve it sooner.

A Kataifi Pastry worth Drooling!

Flavours of Delight!

Kunafa Bake is expertise in providing the most flavourful kunafa dough online India. We are masters in baking the delicious recipe from the Middle East, the instantly mouthwatering kataifi pastry. We extend our delectable recipe to the world outside through our online service so that anyone who craves the flavourful kataifi pastry can easily bake it with our Kunafa plate. Kunafa Bake is determined to supply high-standard authentic kataifi dough online at reasonable pricing so that everyone can savour the Middle Eastern dessert. We have widened our customer circle with the affordable pricing of our exceptionally appetising kunafa dough. Authentic products and trustworthy services are our trademarks. We are committed to ensuring the food safety of our products and offer a hospitable service to our customers. All our products follow strict measures of quality and hygiene. Moreover, we provide a free delivery service of our kataifi dough in India. With our fruitful business over the six years, we have a significant position in the hearts of the dessert lovers in the nation.