Introducing Kunafa Dough in India

Satiate your Appetite
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The Evolution Journey of Kataifi Pastry

Celebrated Arabian Cuisine

Kunafa, Knafeh, Kanafa, Kataifi or whatever you wish to spell and pronounce, this luxurious savoury cuisine originated from the Middle East is a finger-licking treat for celebrations and festivities like Ramadan, signifying happiness. The Kunafa is made with a spun pastry called kataifi that is soaked in sweet sugar syrup and typically layered with cheese or pistachio or nuts or creamy Nutella that oozes the rich Arab culture through a storm of traditional flavours. The kataifi pastry has greater popularity during the month of Ramadan as it ceases hunger and rejuvenates one's soul.

A long, thin strand of shredded phyllo dough, usually called the kunafa dough, is used to make kataifi.. A thin batter is made with a blend of salt, flour, cornstarch, oil and water, which is then spun to generate the fine strands of shredded phyllo. The kunafa dough is usually baked or fried in butter or oil until it is crispy brown. It is then layered or filled with cheese or cream and soaked in a sugar syrup flavoured with rose water or orange blossom water to impart the rich flavour. The crispy crushed nut toppings add further richness to the cuisine. The kataifi made with our kunafa dough is exquisitely delicate, creamy, and subtly sweet. You can bake the most delicious traditional Arab kunafa with the premium kunafa dough from Kunafa Bakes.

What makes our Kunafa Dough Special?

Feel the Royal Taste of Authentic Kataifi

Our kataifi pastry is appreciated nationwide for its quality and royal taste. The kunafa dough from Kunafa Bakes is unique in the market and hence are in high demand all over the country. Kunafa Bakes has established a trustworthy relationship with the suppliers and dealers in the market over these years. We are determined to deliver and supply our high-quality kunafa dough at a reasonable price to our customers and potential buyers. If you are in a hunt of trying a dessert that has satiated palates for generations, nothing hits the spot like kataifi. According to 196 Flavors, the bright orange and green colours make the dessert a showstopper among the other delicacies. Our outlets are also a place of endless inspiration with the rich creamy aroma of kataifi pastry.

The kataifi baked with the kunafa dough from Kunafa Bakes seems to be the greatest asset to health-conscious cuisine lovers as it is preservative-free. For optimum taste, we suggest serving it soon after being taken from the oven. Topped with a sugar syrup drizzle and pistachio crushers or heavy cheese or creamy Nutella, the flavour of kataifi is just heavenly. Kunafa Bakes strives to be an effective and progressive manufacturer that ensures customer satisfaction by filling not just the abdomen, but their hearts too.